WaterRower Natural Review

WaterRower is a brand that is famous for making stylish sleek rowing rowing machines. The WaterRower Natural rower is their flagship product and boasts a stylish large ash frame and uses the WaterRower patented water flywheel for resistance.


At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that the WaterRower Natural may be a case of style over substance. This could not be further from the truth as the WaterRower is capable of delivering a workout that matches the high standards of the machines design. The dual-rail seat moves smoothly on the frame and every stroke that you perform feels smooth and even.

The  best thing about the flywheel is that it mimics the resistantance that you feel when rowing on a river/lake. As you increase the pace of rowing the level of resistance rises naturally as it becomes harder to move the paddles similar to the way that it does in a boat. This feeling of natural resistance is unique to the WaterRower and provides a different type of type of satisfaction that you do not get when working out on other  machines.

The amount of resistance can be changed by adding/removing water from the tank.

The water flywheel is not as loud as you might expect and there the noise from the seat rail is muffled in the large wooden frame which helps to absorb noise and vibrations.

The performance monitor (S4) provides metrics on stroke rate, duration, distance, and intensity.  The backlight is a bit weak and it can be hard to read if room has poor lighting. Overall the S4 is probably the weakest part of the machine as it is lacking many of the features found in other high end rowers on the market such as wireless connectivity.



  • Sleek and stylish machine with a beautiful hardwood finish.
  • Very comfortable machine and sturdy.
  • Solid wooden frame helps to adsorb vibration and sound.
  • Patented water flywheel gives you the feel of rowing on water and can be quite therapeutic to use.
  • Can be stood upright and easy to store.


  • The monitor does not offer as many features as other high end rowing machines and it could do with better LCD lighting
  • The wood requires a bit of care to avoid becoming marked.


The WaterRower Natural is a well designed and unique that offers something different in the packed home exercise equipment market. This machine is beautifully designed and complements any room that you use it in. The water flywheel simulates the feeling of rowing on open water like no other rowing machine on the market. on top of this it also provides an excellent workout and is comfortable to use.

This machine is suitable for novice and experienced rowers alike and it’s durability means that it is well worth the premium price tag if you can afford it.

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