5 Best Rowing Machines under £500

As a fitness enthusiast on a quest to find the best rowing machines under £500 in the UK, I’ve explored several options that promise to deliver both quality and value. Understanding the importance of a balanced workout, I’ve scrutinized these models for their performance, durability, and extra features. Here’s my personal take on what each of these machines has to offer.

JOROTO – best water rower under £500


best water rowing machine under £500

The JOROTO Folding Rowing Machine immediately caught my eye for its sleek design and practicality. Ideal for space-conscious users, its foldable design is a standout feature. While using this machine, I appreciated the smooth rowing action and the adjustable resistance, which allowed me to customize my workouts from light to moderately intense sessions.

However, I did notice a few limitations. The resistance, while sufficient for regular fitness routines, might not satisfy those looking for a highly challenging workout. Advanced rowers or fitness enthusiasts might find themselves outgrowing the resistance levels over time. Additionally, the simplicity of the digital console left me wanting more, particularly in terms of tracking and interactive features.

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JTX Freedom – best air rowing machine under £500


best rowing machine under £500 uk

The JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine, with its air resistance mechanism, offers a realistic rowing experience. The dynamic resistance adjustment based on rowing intensity is a significant plus, providing a natural feel similar to rowing on water. As someone who enjoys a more authentic rowing experience, this feature was particularly appealing.

On the downside, I noticed that the air resistance mechanism makes the machine quite loud, which might be a concern in shared living spaces or for those who prefer a quieter workout environment. Additionally, while the build is sturdy, the overall size of the machine is quite substantial, which might be an issue for those with limited space.

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V-fit AR1 Artemis Rowing Machine


uk rower under £500

The V-fit AR1 Artemis Rowing Machine stands out for its combination of affordability and solid performance. During my sessions, I found that the hydraulic resistance system, although different from the more common air and magnetic systems, provided a decent workout. The rowing action is smooth, and the resistance is surprisingly effective for building fitness.

However, the hydraulic system does have its drawbacks. The resistance can feel inconsistent at times, especially when compared to air or magnetic rowers. Also, I noticed that the machine requires more maintenance, particularly in keeping the hydraulic system functioning optimally.

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SportPlus Foldable – best magnetic rower under £500


best indoor rower under £500

The SportPlus Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine caught my attention for its magnetic resistance system, which offers a quieter rowing experience. This makes it a great option for those who need to keep noise levels down. The rowing action is smooth and consistent, which I found to be a significant advantage for maintaining workout rhythm.

One potential issue with this machine is the limitation in resistance variation. While it’s great for moderate-intensity workouts, those seeking a high-intensity rowing session might find it lacking. Additionally, the machine’s build, while sturdy, doesn’t feel as robust as some higher-priced models.

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JLL Aqua Fitness Rowing Machine


rowing machine for under £500

Lastly, the JLL Aqua Fitness Rowing Machine, a water resistance rower, offers a unique and enjoyable workout experience. The sound of water during rowing sessions adds a soothing element to the workout, enhancing the overall experience. The resistance is natural and provides a good range, suitable for various fitness levels.

The drawback of this machine lies in its maintenance. The water tank requires regular care to ensure clean and clear water, which might be a bit of a hassle for some users. Also, the size and weight of the machine, when filled with water, make it less portable compared to other foldable models.

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Critical Assessment and Personal Winner

After thoroughly reviewing each of these rowing machines, it’s clear that they each bring something unique to the table. The JOROTO offers great versatility and space efficiency, ideal for those with limited workout space. The JTX Freedom excels with its air resistance, providing a realistic rowing experience, albeit with a higher noise level. The V-fit AR1 Artemis stands out for its affordability and satisfactory performance, suitable for moderate workouts. The SportPlus model offers a quiet operation with its magnetic resistance, although it may not challenge advanced rowers. Lastly, the JLL Aqua Fitness machine brings the unique element of water resistance, creating a pleasant and effective rowing experience.

My Personal Winner: Choosing a winner among these isn’t straightforward, as each caters to different preferences and requirements. However, for my personal use, the JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine edges out the others. Despite its noise, the realistic rowing feel, robust build, and dynamic resistance adjustment make it the most satisfying to use. It strikes the perfect balance between a challenging workout and a durable, quality build, suitable for a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.


Your choice of a rowing machine should align with your fitness goals, space constraints, and personal preferences. While the JTX Freedom is my top pick for its overall performance and realistic rowing experience, you might find another model more suited to your specific needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rower, there’s a rowing machine in this roundup that can meet your requirements and help you achieve your fitness objectives. You might also want to take a look at the best rowing machines for under £300.

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